Wednesday, May 29, 2019

GTNP Skiing 2019

In an effort to keep the blog going but with minimal effort, here is a collection of mostly photos from my skiing in the Park this winter and spring. 
son of apocalypse in pow conditions
engaging downclimb near the bottom (that fills in later in the season)
 (bria photo)
you know you're in for a great day when this is your view from the trailhead
dreaming and scheming atop 25 short (bria photo)
lower broken thumb
skiing past rap stations on upper apocalypse (bria photo)
deep stable pow in the apocalypse 
ski through at the lower ice portion (bria photo)
chuter buck
a great little line to practice efficiency of ski rappels
dropping into the nugget
nugget in pow conditions
the middle and the grand from atop the south teton 
steep south face of the south
poor conditions in the lower amora vida 
dropping onto the glacier route from the summit of the middle
taggart lake trailhead on a sunny saturday in april
a look back at the red sentinel couloir 
grand, gunsight and owen
approaching the top of the fallopian tube 
sliding down the tube 
climbing the E ridge of buck
dropping into the buckshot couloir
That may be a wrap on my ski season as my enthusiasm for walking to snowline is fading while enthusiasm for running and biking on newly melted out trails continues to soar.

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